Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Working with and absorbing stellar or cosmic qi is something that is increasingly emphasized as one becomes more advanced along many of the diverse paths of Qi Gong. But there is no reason why you can't start working with it now and enjoy the benefits using the very simple method detailed below. We have recently moved to a house with a roof garden, and so I am enjoying it very much. As well as having the energetic benefits of absorbing star qi, it also helps make the mind very big, spacious and light.

The technique:
Find an appropriate place to lie down at night, under an open sky.
Open your eyes and stare up at the starry sky for a while. Take in the vast expanse of the sky, empty your mind and enjoy the twinkling lights of the stars.
After a while close your eyes and imagine starry light flowing down from the stars and from the night sky into all the cells of your body.
In particular feel three focus points of starry energy and light building in the center of your brain, the center of your chest and the central area of your lower abdomen.
Take your time, finish when ready.
Repeat three times a week, or as often as desired!

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